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    TP-Link AV500 wifi range extender interferes with AV1000 powerline network

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    I have an AV1000 powerline network set up (two AV1000 units). It's working fine. When I add an AV500 wifi range extender to the network I can get the AV500 to join the existing network but once it's plugged in the middle light on the AV1000 units turns red. As soon as I unplug the AV500 the AV1000 lights go all green again. Any thoughts on what might be going on here? Thanks.

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    Don't know if this is related but I've just found that even though the AV500 has the same network id and password and my main house router components (iPhone, iPad) don't switch between the two for the strongest wifi signal when I move around the house. Maybe I misunderstood but I thought if the AV500 was cloned with the main router the devices using wifi would move between them depending on which provides the stronger signal.


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