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    Parental Access Woes - Archer 2800

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    Hello I have tajken delivery of my Archer 2800 today and after initially being impressed by its easy set up I have hit a problem.

    The parental access controls do not appear to be sufficient for the job. If i block my daughters phone using the access control she is still able to access facebook messanger and whatsapp.

    I have been unable to block these using parental controls and instead was looking at using service filtering but this does not allow me to set a time period and would need me to turn it on and off manually.

    This is disappointing as i was able to do this with the standard plusnet router it is replacing.

    If this is possible can someone explain how to do it.

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    How did you setup the parental control, it's whitelist or blackist? what are the keyworks? And if your router's time is correct? Go to Advanced > System tools > Tim esettings to check it. Parentel control can block facebook, howevr, it only works for website access. if your daughters install the facebook app on the phone,it cannot block

    For access control, there is no schedule neither. you can only select whitelist(allow devices in whitelist to connect only) or blackist (block all internet access for devices in the list).


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