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    Can a range extender connect to a mobile hotspot?

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    I have to use a Mitel 5320 IP Phone for work. Unfortunately, that phone requires a ethernet connection to get online.

    Since the AC750 WiFi Range Extender has an ethernet jack, I bought it to see if I could get online with it. While it works fine on my home wifi network with the extender and phone plugged into a battery pack, but I still had to be in the vicinity of my home wifi network. I was really trying to go mobile by connecting the extender to my cellphone's hotspot, and/or a hotel wifi network to be able to get online anywhere with the Mitel phone.

    If this can't be done with the AC750, does TP-Link have something that has an ethernet jack and can connect with a cellular hotspot, or work with wifi networks with an extra layer of security such as found in hotels.


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    Range extender can only connect to normal wifi, may not compatible with hotspot or hotel wifi(which may need portal authentication). Tested with my hotspot before, no luck. Maybe you can try with your hotspot.


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