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    Smart Plug can't be reached

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    Suddenly the smart plug has stopped functioning correctly, it can't be reached from Alexa nor the KAsa appilcation.

    If I reconfigure the switch all the setup process goes fine, but then again the Kasa Application states that it can't be reached.

    What can I do to check that it is ok?

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    Make sure your smart plug has the latest firmware. Does it show it can't be reached when you control it locally or remotely? Do you try a factory reset?

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    Thanks for the reply, it happens locally and remotely.

    I was not aware of the factory reset procedure, gonna try that and let you know.

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    Still not working, I did perform a factory reset (several times), setup of the devices runs smoothly, but once I try to control it with Kasa it says that it cant connect to the device.

    Also when I try to enable remote control it says that my device is linked to another account (I only use one account) and that I should do a factory reset to clear that.

    What else can I do?


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