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    TL-SG1016DE Port Trunking

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    I just upgraded my home network. In preparation of this upgrade i purchased this switch TL-SG1016DE in order to use port trunking. No Vlans or anything just binding two 1000gb ports for more speed with the new NAS and router.
    The Router is Asus GT-AC5300
    The NAS is Qnap TS 251
    On the Switch I set port 16 and 15 to trunk 1 and port 14 and 13 to trunk 2
    I set the router and NAS to trunk 2 ports each
    Plug it all in and the network slows to a crawl and error packs start up.

    What gives? I am guessing the 2 new devices are too smart for the smart switch.

    If this switch cannot do it then what specs should i look for in a new one.

    I am planning to upgrade my CCTV to IP cameras and NVR and using Vlans to keep traffic on the NAS down to a reasonable level

    Thank you


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    hey dude ,so how did you connect the NAS and the router to the switch? Did you connect it to the port 16/15? What's more, I think if you connect the router to the switch, the trunk port is not suggested, if you can post a snap of your config done on the switch, that would be better, maybe I can help you configure it.


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