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    TL-SG105E V3 impossible to configure with neither web interface nor utility

    Model : TL-SG105E

    Hardware Version : -

    Firmware Version : V3

    Windows 10

    I am having serious trouble with my new switch.
    It is not possible to configure the switch neither with HTML access to nor with the Smart Configuration Utility. Using it as a normal ’dumb’ switch works OK.

    Configuring laptop ethernet to / and browsing to yields an empty page in the browser. Examining the received HTML code reveals broken HTML code. The received HTML code starts with:
    TD width=1></TD></TR>',s+='<TR height=1><TD colspan=2></TD> ... and a lot more, and then ... </body> </html> <script></script>
    This means that a major part of the beginning of the HTML-code is missing.
    Tested with Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    The Smart Configuration Utility finds the switch, but opening for IP configuration after a few seconds gives an error window saying: ’Timeout, no response from agent’. Closing that yields an empty form, no MAC address or anything else in the fields. Filling in the fields with relevant info and admin / admin and clicking ’Apply’ and clicking ’Yes’ in the confirmation window takes few seconds,and then returns again ’Timeout, no response from agent’.
    Reopening the ’IP Setting’ form again gives again an empty form.

    Resetting the switch gives same reaction. The switch was reset several times.

    Any suggestions? Grateful for any help

    Tried web interface from Linux - Got a little window requesting Username and Password. It would not accept admin / admin, or anything else I could think of.

    Resolved: I just found a get-around: I set up a free VMWare virtual machine with Windows 7 and a bridged network to my ethernet adapter, with And, there it works the way it should. So, for some reason, the switch is incompatible with Windoze 10, but works with Windoze 7.
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    I have got the same issue. It can't work with NAT mode, but can work with bridge mode in my Win8.1. So I think it's the point.


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