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    How to extend my Archer C9 with my extender?

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    I got a Netgear Extender WN3000RP that works fine with my old router from Technicolor.
    Recently I bought a TP-LINK Archer C9 and replaced my old router.
    How ever I need (like before) extend my WI-FI.

    During the connect phase the Extender finds the Archer C9 and I can go through all steps, but at the last step when all is set and I confirm, the extender says I need to move it closer to the router. I even have tried to to do this half a meter away from the router, but no luck. If I try to extend my old router it works fine even if I'm over 15 meters away from it. Are there any settings I can change to make this work better?

    I do not think my extender is a dual band extender.
    Other devices can connect to the Archer C9 without problems.

    Do you guys got any solution?
    Best regards

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    Did you change the channel for the Archer C9? Change the channel for 2.4GHz wifi to 1-11. If still not working, can contact the extender's support and see if there is any suggestion.

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    Thanks for your reply!
    I never thought that this post get posted.
    I got great help from the support.
    But the solution was to upgrade the firmware in the extender.
    After that...tada!
    Works super!!
    Best regards


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