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    Can't access the internet despite being connected to the device

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    I have bought a 300Mbps internet extender (model: TL-WA850RE ) in order to increase the WiFi signal in one of the rooms in my house where the signal is very weak.
    I followed every step of the instructions and the device itself seems to work fine. However, when I try to connect to the internet, my computer shows a warning sign, saying that despite the computer being connected to the device, I am not able to access the internet. The same happens on my phone.
    Is this because you can only connect to the extender in places where you really don't have access to WiFi or is my device flawed?

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    Junior Member bconn61 is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2017
    this happened to me aswell but my computer connects to the internet and my phone has the 'no internet' symbol

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    Junior Member taperdue is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2017
    I have the same problem with my model TL-WA855RE

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    have you check the dns on your network settings on your computer?


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