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    How get management of Motion Detection out house

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    Hi everyone,
    the last week I bought the TP-LINK CAMERA NC200.
    I already have configured the camera but I don't know as enable or disable the function Motion Detection when I am not at house.
    How can get it by smartphone?
    I installed the app on smartphone but i don't see no setting about Motion Detection.
    Someone can help me?

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    You can only set up motion detection from its web interface for NC200. http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-878.html

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    Ok. Thankyou. This tutorial explain that through app is possible. Maybe only for NC450? http://www.tp-link.com/us/faq-1563.html

    However can I set up (from web interface) the time for enable motion detection? For example: every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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