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    What causes Internet download speed to be slower from TL-R600VPN than direct from cable modem

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    For years I had the same configuration: cable modem going to TL-R600VPN and to computers on my network.
    The download/upload speed (per Speedtest) was always virtually identical if computer plugged into TL-R600VPN or direct into cable modem.
    Upon latest cable modem failure, cable company installed a new modem yesterday (Arris TG1682).

    Speedtest from computer connected to TL-R600VPN shows speed only 50% to 75% of speed I pay for (I pay for 110 mbps, coming out of TL-R600VPN I have 60-70 mbps.
    Of course, the cable company wants me to connect computer directly to cable modem. When I do that, I get full 110 mbps.
    When I connect back cable modem going to TL-R600VPN and than to computer, I am back at 60-70 mbps.

    I have not changed anything. Cables are the same, TL-R600VPN was rebooted and "quick setup" done.

    I have no hopes of getting help from the cable company.
    Could someone tell me if there are some settings on either unit that can cause this?
    Should I insist on getting a new cable modem?

    Your help will be appreciated..

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    Before you change the cable modem, R600 can work normal with the old cable modem and get 100Mbps?
    That's abnormal the modem can influenced the R600's performance.

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    I had a few cable modems in the last few years. I am using the same cable, the same settings on the R600 router. With all previous modems I was getting speed 100+ mbps from R600 router.

    This new cable modem, same brand as the one before, 60-70 mbps from R600 router (and I am getting 110-115 mbps direct from cable modem).
    Thinking that the ISP may have changed some settings I went into cable modem setup and looked around. Did not see anything unusual.
    I did a "factory reset" on the cable modem. Same performance out of R600 router (60-70 mbps).
    I did a "factory reset" on the R600 router, just in case something changed on the R600. Same performance

    This happened 4-5 days ago.
    I did not get an answer from this forum that "something might be wrong with the cable modem" and I did not want to get into a fight with the ISP (who provides the cable modem) not knowing if I am right or wrong.
    I did some research and ordered a different brand router.
    I set up the new router. It is getting full 110-115 mbps out of the router, exactly the same speed as direct from cable modem.

    If you know what can cause one cable modem ("factory reset") to work different than another one (same exact brand), please let me know.
    If somehow I can prove that this cable modem is defective, perhaps I can request a cable modem replacement from ISP.



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    What's the version of your R600VPN? Maybe you can upgrade the firmware to the latest one and have a try.


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