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    TD-W9970 Firmware spelling mistake

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    I've recently bought the TD-W9970 as a replacement for my Plusnet Hub One.
    Everything is working great and it doesn't drop the connection every few hours like the Plusnet one did.

    One question for you all though.

    I've searched to see if anyone else has noticed the annoyance I can't stop seeing. On the login page it says "Username" and "Passowrd". Do they all have this spelling mistake?

    Thanks for looking for me!

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    LOL, haven't noticed it. What is your router's firmware version?

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    Thanks for the reply. Here's the info from the status page.

    Firmware Version: 0.9.1 0.1 v0076.0 Build 160912 Rel.52951n
    Hardware Version:TD-W9970 v2 00000000

    As I said, it's not a problem but now I've seen it...

    If I were tp-link I wouldn't want this to be the first thing my customers saw when they plugged in their new hardware.


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