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    Exclamation Deco M5 creating seperate networks instead of one network for all nodes

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    I've 3 Deco M5 nodes. I've created wifi-network on the first node and later added two nodes. One node will - against my will - act as a seperate wifi network in the Deco Android app.

    I've upgraded the firmware on all nodes (Firmware: 1.1.5 Build 20170820 Rel. 62483). I've deleted all networks within the Deco app, reset all nodes and then recreated the network. After moving a node (powering it down, replacing it connecting it via ethernet cable) the led will turn green and I'm able to connect to the wifi, but it will again be seen as a seperate network in the Deco app.

    When I change the SSID name of the first network, it will also be applied to the second network. So I think they actually act as one network, but are seen as seperate networks within the app.

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    As I know, all the deco units will share the same SSID&password and act as a whole wifi system. Can you share a screenshot of the seperate networks within the app?

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    Screenshot from the Android app:

    Name:  deco-m5-wifi-networks.jpg
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    It's in Dutch, so it won't make much sense to all. What you can see here is that there are two networks. I can switch between the networks and one network will have 2 Deco M5 nodes and one network will have 1 Deco M5 node.

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    Hi sAnexeh, thanks for sharing. If all your deco units are connected via Ethernet cable. Can you draw draw a network map? Here are some connections which may not good for the deco:
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    Name:  deco-m5-topo.png
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    This is the way it's currently configured -- kinda how I'd like to configure it at other locations too.

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    They actually act as one network. It's a dispaly issue in the APP, which will not affect the performance of the deco system. We are working on it, and will correct it latter.


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