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    Unable to add Deco node when running as Access Point

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    Firmware: 1.1.5 Build 20170820 Rel. 62483 (but also experienced the issue at firmare 1.1.3).

    I'm unable to add new nodes with the Deco app running as "Access point" mode. I'm able to find a new node, but Deco won't go pass the "Checking connection" step, which according to the app should take a couple of minutes but will actually never finish. As soon as I configure the Deco in "Routing" mode I'm able to pass the "Checking connection" step within 15 seconds and I'm able to add the Deco to the network.

    A workaround is to configure the Deco M5 as "Routing" mode, add all deco nodes and then switch it to "Access point" mode.
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    Yes, need to configure at least one of the deco units into router mode first, then switch to AP mode.

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    Will this issue be addressed in a future firmware update?

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    May I know how do you connect your Deco units when you encounter such issue? Will appreciate if you can provide a simple network map.

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    There you go
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    Thanks for your feedback. Will correct it in a future update.


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