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    Unhappy WA7510N configuration

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    Hello forum community,

    I need help in configuration of WA7510N outdoor WAP . I have 4 set of Outdoor WAP(2 set of WA5210G and 2 set of WA7510N). After reading the manuals and refering to internet videos i was able to configure WA5210G outdoor WAP and it is up and running without problem but with this WA7510N, I can access it once when it is in factory default settings with ip address But after configuring it through Quick set up. and after rebooting, the web page of the device is not accessible from browser(i use chrome). Even in my android phone i do not get the wifi signal of it.
    I have tried bridge mode with the working WA5210G and also with another wireless router (WR740N), but when i click on survey button(search) it shows blank table that means it does not catch wireless signal of other wireless router or Access point.
    I have referred in google for solutions but without much help. I have tried different mode also(AP, bridge mode, Repeater mode)

    wireless radio is checked, DFS checked. I tried enabling and disabling DHCP also. I have tried wired connection with wireless router and putting static ip address as well as dynamic but to no avail.

    I think even with factory default setting the wifi signal should be visible in mobile phones and laptops .

    Need help.

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    I think you have config another IP address for 7510 during the quick setup, thus you failed to login its web interface, you could try to ping to check it,

    Another problem, 5210 works on 2.4GHz, then you just know why your 5GHz 7510 failed to search the SSID.

    Last for the suggestion, your 2 set 5210 could build a wireless connection, and 2 set 7210 could build another wireless connection, but they could not work together for 7510 and 5210

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    thank you for your reply.. this 7510 is not visible in the wifi list even in factory setting. Somehow through wired connection with desktop i can access it initially. I never change the ip address(LAN). In quick set up i never came across setting new ip address. Although if i were to use static ip address i would change but not LAN only WAN ip address. I changed ip address for WA5210G(just the WAN ip) not LAN ip. if i ping during the default setting it is able to access but after quick configuration it shows request timed out. I wish i could make wireless connection with 2 set of 7510 but the problem is not accessible after configuration and my laptops and mobile does not have in their wifi list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pawan_rana View Post
    I wish i could make wireless connection with 2 set of 7510 but the problem is not accessible after configuration and my laptops and mobile does not have in their wifi list.
    I already explained it @Lymay ... the TL-WA7510 is a device that works in 5.8GHz ... (as a saying goes ... A GOOD UNDERSTANDING ... few words ....)

    you are wanting to see a signal on that frequency, but here the important question .... your laptop and / or devices, have dual wireless cards. (2.4GHz and 5.8GHz) ...

    here I put it very easy ...

    configure one of the 7510 as AP and assign it an SSID ... the other configuralo as CLIENT, from the CLIENT, make a SURVEY there must appear the SSID of the 7510 AP .... (in this form, you can see it ...? ??)

    now repeats the same setup but in turn, who was AP as CLIENT and CLIENT as AP ... and again perform SURVEY ... (You can see it again ... ???)

    if both tests are satisfactory, the 7510, have no problem

    one more to be aware of the difference of frequencies ... when performing the SURVEY, you can see the SSID of the 5210 .. ???, now perform the test in turn ... do a SURVEY with the 5210, and tell if you can find the SSID of the 7510 ...

    all the above is for you to realize that the difference of frequencies, prevents a wireless connection between devices ... and is what they answered before and now I ... (re-read the text marked in red .. .)

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