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    Google wifi with av2000 power line adapter

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    I am using av2000 power adapters (4) for my home network. They have worked well for a couple of months. I am now upgrading my wifi system to google mesh however if I connect the google wifi units to the power lines they crash in a couple seconds. Anybody got any ideas why?

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    I am quite interested in this case. Can you share the model number of your AV2000 powerline adapter? And if the google wifi units are all wired connect to the powerline adapter and the google wifi units are working as router mode or access point? I think access point mode should be fine in this scenario. You may also seek some suggestions from google.

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    yes the model number is TL-PA9020P.

    I have 5 google wifi units. 1 is set as a router and connected the a powerline adaptor WAN without issue. If I try to connect any of the additional units as access points the powerline adapters fail.

    I have 4 powerline adapters in my network.

    I have not upgraded firmware since purchasing the powerline adaptors

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    Try this: Modem >>> google wifi unit(router) >>>PA9020P..... PA9020Ps>>>google wifi units (APs)

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    I'd guess that you're creating a loop in the network and are suffering a broadcast/arp storm as a consequence?

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    Is maybe this crash during using tpPLC application?

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    Upgrade to 3.2.4 firmware.

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    yes this is my current setup >>>PA9020P..... PA9020Ps>>>google wifi units (APs)
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    does anyone have a simple guide on how to upgrade the firmware? I cant find anything I t documentation provided with the units

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    Connect with the tpPLC utility and it's an option as you select each adaptor.


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