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    TL-PS310U disappears from network after a while

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    i am using the "print server" TL-PS310U with a Brother DCP-7030.

    If i disconnect the power cord and connect it again all works fine.
    But the next day the TL-PS310U disappears from my network and i have to disconnect and connect it from power again. The reset button does not work what is weird too. This is really annoying.

    Anybody any suggestion what is wrong with my device ?

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    If you can ping the print server at when it disappeared? Test in this way(without the router): PC>>>PS>>>Printer, to check if it works stably.
    Then I found someting about resetting the PS http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-236.html

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    It vanishs

    Can't ping it, it is not visible in my router. It vanishes. Non exisinting. Dead.

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    same problem here, device is not visible until restart (power off and on again) after a while it will disappear again. Resetting the device to factory defaults did not help.

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    What's the hardware version of your PS310U?

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    Ver. 2.1

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    btw, that support forum is a PITA with its moderation rules...

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    meanwhile i have set it up to be used as a printserver and it still disappears. Did that because the FAQ mentioned something quite similar in connection with the usb harddrive filecopy.

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    I have a firmware for TL-PS310U.
    Have a try? http://support.tp-link.com/f/d9a1031c9d/?dl=1


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