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    WiFi connection issue

    Model : Deco M5 (3pack)

    Hardware Version : 1.0

    Firmware Version : 1.1.5 Build 20170820 Rel. 62483

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I'd been using the Deco M5 (3 pack) for one day and experience WiFi connection issue with 2 Samsung Galaxy S8 phones. Both have the same issue. It is kind of random. I do not recall WiFi stop working for both phone at the same time. So one phone maybe working while the other one was not.

    When it stop working, the phone still connected to the Deco WiFi, it just said no internet access or something similar. (like it lost the IP from the DHCP server) Of course, the computers or other devices were able to access the internet when that happened. Usually the problem will resolved by itself without me doing anything after a minute or two. Last couple times when that happened, I was just sitting on chair, not moving from one spot to another spot.

    It appears the Galaxy S6 phones did not experience the same issue.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950U)
    Android 7.0

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    How often does it happen? Are you too far away from the Deco unit that the signal is not stable? And how many devices connected to the Deco network at the same time? The galaxy S6 phones are at the same location as S8 phones? Check the IP address on S8 phones.

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    Thanks so much for your reply.
    After I create this thread, I keep searching on the net and see if anyone experience the same issue. Now I believe the issue maybe related to S8 itself in general because I found a thread in Samsung forum and noticed other S8 users experience the same issue with Deco M5 as well as another brand mesh Wifi system (ObXX).

    After I get home tonight after work, I will try to change the S8 phone WiFi setting from DHCP to static and see if the problem will goes away because the phone never disconnected from the WiFi, it just reported internet was not available.

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    Samsung released a new software on S8 which says whey fixed some WLAN issues.

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    Thanks Titus!
    I'd been checking my phone every days for update. So far none. It still said my phone is up to date. But I learned that from another forum that Verizon did had a new update last week and some users reported that fix the issue. Too bad nothing coming from T Mobile yet. I open a case with Samsung, all I have is a email with a standard response with many different tasks to try and ask me to reset the phone at the end of the email if none working. I serious doubt resetting the phone will fix the issue. AT least so far I know the S8 Wifi has issue with Deco M5 and Orbi mesh wifi system. Not sure if it affect other brands as well.
    There must be something in the Mesh type system that the phone has issue with.

    At the end, if nothing able to fix it, I may just need to return the Deco M5 this week and stay with regular Wifi router

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    Having similar issues with iPhone 6s Plus. I'm on my second 3-pack of Decos and overall the new ones are working much better than the first in terms of consistent speeds across all three, but there have been a number of times when the wi-fi connectivity and speed on my iPhone is horrible. Seems to fix itself if I turn off/on wifi, but once I move to another room, the issues re-appear. This wasn't an issue with my original set, but it's getting to the point where I'm just fed up with all of the issues we've had to endure. Sadly, I've read about similar issues from some users of the Eero's, which are supposedly the best on the market right now, so I'm not sure what to do at this point...

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    Hi guys, thanks for the info.
    My Android Phone(Huaiwei ) seems to be working fine with Deco system. How about your other devices?


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