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    Question HS110 Rev. 2.0 in Mesh-Networks or networks with Repeaters?

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    Does anyone know, if the HS110 does work in Mesh-networks or networks with repeaters from own experience?

    As soon as I plug the device in a different (further away) socket, I can't control the plug. Although the green Wifi LED is permanently green and the signal is strong (at least my smartphone tells me). A message states, that I should try again later.

    TP-Link support told me, that the HS110 does not work in Mesh networks or networks with repeaters. And that the HS110 *must* always be connected to the same AP.

    Another annoying point: most of the times, my Kasa (Android) hangs on giving the HS110 a name. The next page (choosing an icon) is not shown. Only the naming page.

    Any help?


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    Even though the plug has to be connected to the same AP, but you can control it with remote control enabled on the kasa. As long as there is internet on your phone, you will be able to control the plug remotely. If there is a green LED, then the plug is set up. Do you reset it and add it again on kasa?

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    I did a reset many times. Readding the plug is always difficult. Right now I'm testing again and report back. While doing the initial setup today, I unplugged all repeaters etc.


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