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    TL-MR6400 Feature Suggestion - Auto SMS Forwarding

    Just bought a TL-MR6400, and was intrigued to discover it's possible to send and receive SMS messages via the Management web UI. A very cool feature I had not anticipated.

    A really useful additional feature would be to have all incoming SMS messages automatically forwarded to another mobile number, or even to an E-mail address. Most users don't routinely log into the router once it's been configured, so incoming SMS messages are likely to go undiscovered for weeks or months - the critical ones being warnings about mobile data usage limits nearing exhaustion - so having them forwarded on automatically would be really useful.

    Not sure if anyone from TP-Link reads these forums or not, but I just thought I'd put the suggestion out there on the off chance :-)
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    Reboot will wipe out the messages? If it does, your suggestion is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anton L.Z. View Post
    Reboot will wipe out the messages? If it does, your suggestion is good
    Actually, it seems SMS messages do persist between reboots - presumably they are saved on the SIM?
    Anyway, I still think auto SMS Forwarding would be a useful feature, and have updated my original post to reflect this.

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    TL MR6400 Feature Suggestion Auto SMS Forwarding

    Thanks for the suggestion Which PCDJ Product is this for, however?
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