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    TD-W8968 Wireless router mode not working

    Model : TD-W8968

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version : 1

    ISP : BT[/COLOR]

    So i had bad wifi coverage upstairs in my house and decided to purchase a TD-W8968 to fix it. I have it connected to the wan port through a Ethernet cable which runs to my switch then to my power line adaptor. I followed the quick setup and set the WAN link to IPoE and left MTU as 1500. The ssid and password are the default to the router. However when i connect to it i don't have internet access? I have searched around online but i cant find any information on it, so if anyone can help me it will be greatly appreciated. My main Router/Modem is a BT Home Hub 4.
    Thank You

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    Do you have the WAN IP address after the setup? You can try:
    1. Reboot your BT hub
    2. confirm the WAN link type. When you connect a pc to the switch direcltly, do you have internet access?
    3. What's the IP address of your switch and your BT hub? Maybe there is IP conflict?

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