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    HS105 No Remote Access and No Events Recording

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    Installed one of two HS105 plugs on 27 Aug. Set up an Account. It's active and opened on the Kasa App. Updated the firmware to 1.2.9. I assume that my account is registered since I have it running with the "View Account" icon set and when I select that button, it opens the Account Screen and gives me the opportunity to Sign Out from Kasa.

    The HS105 Remote Control is Set ON.
    Dates and times are accurate.

    1) I get no events reported. I have set a schedule and rules and watched it work... then went away for three days and have no idea what happened.
    2) I had no access to the plug from a remote location. I have no problem with controlling my Hue Lights remotely but even though this plug was set up correctly and may be functioning, it does not seem to allow my remote access via Kasa App.


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    Try reinstall the kasa app. Is it the latest version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shield101 View Post
    Try reinstall the kasa app. Is it the latest version?
    According to Google Play, I am running the latest version. I will dump my app and scrub it... and reload.
    Thanks for responding.

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    Seems like dumping the app and reloading did the trick for getting the Remote Control to work effectively. Now I just need to figure out the EVENTS not logging.

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    Good to hear you've made progress. For the schedule and rules, you can just add it again?


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