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    Features Wishlist

    A list of desired selectable features :

    Per unit show used connection type: WiFi / Ethernet (so you can see when Ethernet is connected, it is acutally used or not)

    Per unit show IP address

    Roaming aggressiveness: low, normal, medium, high (currently to my opnion it sometimes takes too long before you are connected to a better satellite)

    Force AC / 5GHz -> currently sometimes clients don't connect with 5 GHz, while signal strength is good enough to do this
    (on client level)

    Send push message / notification when one of the units has issues

    Signal strength per unit (could help in finding better location for each unit)

    Uptime per unit

    Internet uptime

    For debugging: currently you can only see that a unit has issues, but not the reason WHY a unit has errors


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    - Also it will be nice if I can choose the IP Subnet instead of using, I personal prefer using 10.x.x.0/24. or are often used in the private network behind the router. It is easier for me to VPN to another network if my network and the remote network are not in the same subnet. By using the 10.x.x.0/24 subnet, it is less likely to run into problem.
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    Dear Janoost,

    Your valuable suggestions is much appreciated. In fact some of the advices we are already considering:
    1, show connection type between decos, wireless(2.4GHz, 5GHz signal strength), wired.
    2, connect topology, which client connect to which unit.
    3, placement guide, where to place Deco when on boarding.
    4, traffic meter, real time traffic, totaly traffic (monthly report).

    Roaming, Deco M5 already supports 802.11k&v roaming, it works well with 802.11k&v supported client like the iPhone 7. please make sure the client you are testing is 802.11k&v supported.
    Band steering is already supported by the Deco M5, which detects the traffic load on its two Wi-Fi bands(2.4GHz & 5GHz). Once it finds one of the two bands is too busy(high network delay), it will move some of devices on this band to the other one which is not busy.


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