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    extender doesnt provide me internet connection even when it shows me everything is connected properly

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    First time everything functioned perfectly, when i came home from vacation,it was still connected to the same wi-fi but i couldnt use the internet.
    i reseted the device, ran the setup from the beggining, and it still shows me the ! sind next to the wifi icon and I cant use wifi.

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    What's the model number of your extender? What's the light status? Can you get internet from your router directly? You may unplug the extender to test.

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    Model,light status

    Model number is: TL-WA850REThere are three light for signal range,(like before when it was functioning) and the three lights for power,wireless and REI can connect directly to the router with phone and with computer.That's why I don't know why it doesn't work. The router is the same,the position is the same.. Only thing is that it doesnt provide me connection to the internet.


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