View Full Version : tp-link tl-wa5210g access point configuration

06-22-2013, 15:11
Region : Malaysia

Model : TL-WA5210G

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version : 4.4.5 Build 111209 Rel.40972n

ISP : tm unifi high speed broadband

good day all..

i need a wifi connection for 300 user and in around 1km range only..
i have 10mbps high speed broadband connection here..
i already bought and configure :

1. asus rt-n66u gigabit router
ip -

2. tp-link tl-wa5210g - access point
ip -

3. tp-link tl-ant2415d - outdoor antenna

4. tp-link 3 Meters Antenna Extension Cable TL-ANT24EC3S

the reseller said i can reach between 15-50km wifi range with this deployment..
(as shown on the product description)

but it seems my asus router wifi range bigger than this tp-link tl-wa5210g access point..
i already try all wireless mode in this access point but all failed..
i trie set it as ap only, client, repeater and universal repeater.. all failed..

because i cannot get more than 100 meter range even with or without the outdoor antenna..
the tp link access point antenna alignment also dont show any signal...

i think all setting was right because i can access to the internet from my router or tp-link A.P SSID..
the problem is.. the tp-link AP wifi range too low...

i do meet tp-link technical support this evening to help me solve this problem..
but they also dont have a clue...
some say they can get around 3 to 5km range using this tp-link tl-wa5210g - access point..

anybody.. please help me...

06-24-2013, 14:53
thanks for your reply.. its solve already...
i buy 2 unit..
set as AP..
internal antenna to horizontal.. works great.. i can reach 400 meters now..
for 1 unit its can support how many concurrent user actually?

06-25-2013, 01:44
i really disappointed when :
1. the sales person dont have a technical support to give me any suggestion.
2. the tp-link support center is just like a fresh graduate with no experience..
because he said my a.p is faulty and replacement unit arrive in 2 weeks..

but its ok.. at lease i still learn a new thing..
dont buy tp-link anymore heheee

06-26-2013, 12:13
hahaa.. i just joking ...
i'm starting to love tp-link actually...
but for sure i will not buy from that reseller anymore O:)

06-26-2013, 12:14
and i do research before i buy this product...
only feel dissapointed with the reseller and tp-link support guy that i meet..

06-29-2013, 00:39
yes danymarc..
thanks a lot for all your help...